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Established in 1994, Mingfa Group has developed into a large-scale modern group enterprise focusing on city operation and supplemented with commercial real estate, residential real estate and hotel business. It also involves in industry, trading, investment and many other sectors.



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Hefei Mingfa Commercial Plaza-- Cool Summer Beer Festival
From 18:30-20:30, on Aug. 8, obliged to old proprietors’ long-term support, and with a view to allow more new proprietors to experience the happy and exciting life in advance, Mingfa Commercial Plaza held the activity of Cool Summer Beer Festival to repay all proprietors.
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Chairman Huang Qingzhu Received an Interview from the Minnan Real Estate Annual Meeting
In the afternoon on the 3rd of August, Chairman Huang Qingzhu received a high-end interview from the Minnan Real Estate Annual Meeting in Xiamen Haiyue Mountain Villa Hotel. The on-site telecast hall was well decorated, with over 40 elites from real estate and media industries attended. The interview was jointly held by Xiamen Real Estate Joint Network, Xiamen Commercial News, Economic Life Channel of Fujian TV Station and “Real Estate Field” Magazine with the theme of "looking for the voice that will influence Minnan real estate in the future 30 years--- Development Modes of ‘First Class Real Estate Brands in Xiamen’ ” . Chairman Huang was the first guest to be exclusively interviewed in this serial interview.
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Hefei Mingfa Shopping Mall - Regular Customers' Experience at Nanjing Mingfa Commercial Plaza
June 26th, 2010, the Hefei Mingfa Corporation gratefully invited its initial owners (for supporting this company’s Hefei Mingfa Shopping Mall) to attend the “Tour to Nanjing Mingfa Plaza” experience activity. They visited the Mingfa Binjiang New Town (160220 m3) and Nanjing Mingfa Commercial Plaza (420000 m3) which Mingfa Group developed in Nanjing.
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Mingfa Group (Nanjing) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Address:Sanheqiao Jiangsu Headquarters Base, No. 5 Pudong North Road, Pukou District, Nanjing

Mingfa Group Company Limited
Address:Mingfa, No.327 Qianpu Middle Road, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China, 20-30 floors of group building

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