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Strategic Cooperation

Strategic Cooperation

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Strategic Alliance

French Carrefour Group

  Established in 1959, Carrefour Group creates the operation pattern of hypermarket first. As the second largest international retail chain group, it carries out business in over 30 countries and regions. It entered Xiamen Mingfa Shopping Mall on April 7, 2004 and thus established the first Carrefour hypermarket in Fujian Province.


British B&Q Building Material Supermarket Co., Ltd

  Its parent company, Kingfisher Group, is a very large-sized decorative materials retail group ranked first in Europe and third in the world. The brand of B&Q has an increasing impact on Chinese building materials markets, under the support of Kingfisher Group in goods supply, capital and brands.


American YUM! Brands Inc and the brands of KFC and Pizza Hut

  As the largest restaurant group globally, YUM! Brands Inc has more than 35,000 chain restaurants and over 1,000,000 employees in about 110 countries and regions. Its renowned brands include KFC and Pizza Hut which have become the major choices for Chinese people who want to enjoy western food.


Jinyi International Cinemas

  Jin Yi Film & Television Investment Co. Ltd was established on March 1, 2004. It operates many Jinyi International Cinemas which borrow human-oriented service from 5-star hotels and successful management pattern from international chain cinemas and thus builds up a unique brand of chain cinemas.


Hongkong New World Department Store

  Hong Kong New World Group is a large-scale and comprehensive group enterprise that focuses on core businesses such as property, hotel, infrastructure, service and department store. It went public successfully in Hong Kong in 2007. Hong Kong New World Department Store has settled into more than 10 cities in mainland China, like Shanghai, Xiamen, Wuhan and Wuxi, etc, and it has become one of the well-known brands among China’s faddish department stores.


Suning Appliance Co., Ltd

  It is a leading appliance retail chain in China, ranked 59th among top 500 Chinese enterprises and 3rd among top 500 Chinese private enterprises. It is also one of “15 large-sized business enterprise groups” primarily supported by Commerce Department of China.


Xiamen Generation Entertainment Co., Ltd

  Xiamen Generation Entertainment Co., Ltd is famous in northeast coastal areas and even throughout China. It consists of a 6-star entertainment center and 188 exotic VIP boxes, equipped with EV dedicated stereos. It gains a title of “Red Windmill” in China because of so many gorgeous girls from all parts of the world performing here.


Hyatt Hotels Corporation

  Hyatt Hotels Corporation is a renowned transnational hotel group. It operates hundreds of hotels in different parts of the world and has several famous brands such as Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency and Park Hyatt, etc. Hyatt Regency Hotels are usually located at large cities regarded as the major destination of business trip or tourism. Every Hyatt Regency Hotel can provide customers with personalized service and comfortable accommodation.


Singapore House (China) Real Estate Organization

  This organization, one of the most faithful partners of Mingfa Group, is a professional company established for more than 10 years. It provides real estate investors with a full range of services in respect of architecture development and consultation, marketing research and planning and agency, etc and performs very well especially in the fields of market consultation, enterprise planning and sale agency, etc. It has a powerful work team consisting of about 100 experienced senior professionals in real estate industry.


NAI Derun Commercial Real Estate Services, Worldwide

  This company is one of the oldest companies specializing in commercial operation consultation services in Fujian Province. Its services include real estate survey, research, planning, investment attraction, marketing, operation management and investment consultation, etc. In April, 2007, it joined in NAL Global, one of the largest commercial estate service companies. From then on, it started commercial estate services worldwide.


Hopefluent Group Holdings Limited

  Established in the 1990’s, this company is one of the oldest enterprises engaging in real estate consultation services. It went public on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 733) on July 15, 2004 and thus became the first domestic listed company specializing in real estate consultation and agency. It adopts unique operation and service pattern so as to provide superior services and systematically settle different problems in every step of the real estate development. It has a far-reaching influence on the real estate industry.


Xiamen Lidanxing Properties Co., Ltd

  Established in 1998, this company is an excellent real estate marketing agency firm with the first-grade real estate agency aptitude. It carries on the business of estate research consultant, marketing agent and advertisement planner, etc. It has three core work teams--Research Center, Marketing Center and Advertising Center--which pursue innovation, development and excellence through constant study. During 10 years since its establishment, these teams offer real estate developers high quality services and harvest good results in this industry.

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