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  Established in 1994, Mingfa Group has developed into a large-scale modern group enterprise focusing on city operation and supplemented with commercial real estate, residential real estate and hotel business. It also involves in industry, trading, investment and many other sectors.

  During the process of city planning and construction, Mingfa has always played the role of pioneer and operator in urban life exploitation. It is listed among top hundred enterprises in real estate investment and development in China.Mingfa Group has in Xiamen, Nanjing and other places invest in the development of Xiamen Mingfa International New Town,Xiamen Mingfa Seascape Garden,Xiamen Mingli Garden,Nanjing Mingfa Binjiang New Town,Nanjing Pearl Spring Holiday Village, Nanjing Mingfa International Industrial Raw Material Town, and other famous real estate, have played an important rolein the process of urbanization.

  Since 2002, Mingfa has switched its strategic emphasis to development and operation of commercial real estate. So far, projects successfully developed and operated and those under development by the Group include Xiamen Mingfa Shopping Mall, Wuxi Mingfa Shopping Mall, Nanjing Mingfa Shopping Mall, Hefei Mingfa Shopping Mall, Yangzhou Mingfa Shopping Mall, Zhangzhou Mingfa Shopping Mall and Honglai Mingfa Shopping Mall, etc. Mingfa Shopping Mall relies on the strategic alliance cooperative mode of “Commercial Real Estate + Commercial Giant = City Economy” to seek win-win cooperation with commercial corps from home and abroad, including global top 500 companies. It has become the most influential commercial real estate chain brand.

  The continuous successful operation of real estate industry has won those deserved honorable titles for Mingfa Group such as “China Top 500 Enterprise, China Top 50 City Operator, China Top 100 Real Estate Enterprise, China Obeying Contract & Trust Enterprise, China Excellent Real Estate Brand, Key Real Estate Client of Bank HQ-Level”, and it has passed the ISO9002 International Quality System Certification.

  While creating rich economic value, Mingfa Group always remembers to be grateful and pay back to the society. The Group has devoted a great amount of fund to commonweal affairs like hometown construction and school building. It also actively responds to the government’s call to greatly support social commonweal activities, like disaster rescue, poverty alleviation, venerating the old, environmental protection, ping-pong games and marathon games, etc.

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